Coconut Sauce


Sea salt is added to the coconut sap to add flavor.  It is rich with amino acids and vitamins and is used to season and color various savory dishes much like the way soy sauce does. ProSource sells Coconut sauce in bulk as food seasoning.

  • Process

    The sap is harvested from the flower of the coconuts. It is then filtered with cotton cloth. After filtering it is boiled to 105 deg C for 30-60 minutes until the liquid becomes a bit dark. The sea salt is added for seasoning. It is in stirred in a circular motion until all ingredients are well mixed. It is then put another into a Cocoking vat off the fire to cool off. The finished product is transferred in food grade plastic drums.

  • Standard Weight

    Shipped in 200 kilogram/55 gallon steel drums that are food grade, closed head with two bung openings, containing 190 liters of oil, and each drum having a 208 kg net weight, 223 kg gross weight.

  • Minimum Order Quantity

    One 20 Foot Container

  • Quantity Per Container

    80 Drums

  • Shipping Terms

    Ex Works
    Ocean Freight




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