Virgin Coconut Oil


Oil extracted from fresh, mature kernel of coconut via natural fermentation, centrifuge or expeller methods. It has not refined, bleached or deodorized (RBD). It contains significant amounts of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), particularly Lauric Acid which is found in breast milk. Lauric Acid delivers the same nutraceutical benefit of strengthening the immune system. Prosource is the primary source of premium quality coconut products and the leading supplier of virgin coconut oil in the Philippines.

Virgin Coconut Oil Supplier
  • Wet Process

    Milk is extracted from fresh, mature coconut. Oil is separated from the liquid portion by natural fermentation or by centrifuge machine.

  • Dry Process

    Meat is dried and desiccated. Oil is extracted from the dried meat by expeller process.

  • Standard Weight

    Shipped in 200 kilogram/55 gallon steel drums that are food grade, closed head with two bung openings, containing 190 liters of oil, and each drum having a 208 kg net weight, 223 kg gross weight.

  • Minimum Order Quantity

    One 20 Foot Container

  • Quantity Per Container

    80 Drums

  • Shipping Terms

    Ex Works
    Ocean Freight




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