12 May Misconceptions about Cholesterol Content in Coconut Oil

Misconceptions about Cholesterol Content in Coconut Oil

In “Ask Dr. Coconut”, president of the Coconut Research center and a certified nutritionist and naturopathic physician Dr. Bruce Fife explains how coconut oil actually helps keep the dangers of cholesterol at bay. [1]

In the article, Dr. Fife explains how coconut oil improves cholesterol values. According to Dr. Fife, Cholesterol levels tend to increase with the intake of Coconut oil but it also improves what is called the cholesterol ratio.

Many refrain from including coconut oil in their diet despite its various health benefits. One of the reasons is due to a common misconception that its cholesterol content increases health risks.

A cholesterol reading is made up of three parts, namely, HDL (commonly known as good cholesterol), LDL (known as “bad cholesterol”) and one-fifth of triglycerides (usable, storable energy, or “fat”, in other words).[2] LDL is in charge of transporting cholesterol for use.[3] However, too much LDL in the bloodstream can cause the formation of plaque in arteries, posing a risk for illness.[4] HDL, on the other hand, balances the LDL by transporting it back to the liver to be processed and disposed.[5]

Making a judgment solely on total cholesterol shows no indication of how much good cholesterol or HDL or how much bad cholesterol is present. One can have high cholesterol containing a good amount of HDL and have reduced risk for heart disease, the same way one might have low total cholesterol but have an alarming amount of LDL which increases the risk for heart disease.

Studies show that coconut oil increases good cholesterol or HDL, which in turn, improves one’s cholesterol ratio and thus reducing the risk for heart disease. When cholesterol ratios are evaluated, the results show that coconut oil is more likely to reduce the risk of disease as opposed to soybean, canola and other vegetable oils usually recommended for their healthy properties. “Interestingly, most veggie oils increase the cholesterol ratio, thus increasing the risk for heart disease.”

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